“Sana” by Amy Nobleza: Lyrics & English Translation (From the teleserye Mutya)

This post is formatted as follows:

The first line is the original Tagalog text, the second line is a gloss, and the third line is an idiomatic translation. Bold text is the chorus.



Sana ang buhay ay walang dulo o hangganan
[If only] [the] [life] [is] [no] [end] [or] [boundary/border/limitation]
If only our lives never ended and were unlimited

Sana’y wala nang tao mahirap o mayaman
[If only] [is] [no] [] [people] [poor-ADJ] [or] [rich-ADJ]
If only there were no rich and no poor

Sana’y isa ang kulay
[If only] [one] [the] [color]
If only there was but one color

Sana’y wala ng away
[If only] [no] [] [quarrel]
If only there were no disputes

Sana’y pagibig na lang ang isipin ng bawat isa sa mundo
[If only] [love] [] [only] [the] [thought-V-OF-INF] [of] [each] [one] [of] [world]
If only love was the instinct of everyone in the world

Sana’y pagibig na lang ang isipin, Sana’y magkatotoo
[If only] [love] [] [only] [the] [thought-V-OF-INF], [If only] [become-suddenly/unexpectedly-true]
If only love was our instinct…If only this could just become true!

Sana’y laging magbigayan
[If only] [always] [give-V-RECIPROCAL]
If only everyone did their share

Sana’y laging magmahalan
[If only] [always] [love-V-RECIPROCAL]
If only everyone loved one another

Sana ang tao’y di nagugutom o nauuhaw
[If only] [the] [people] [did not] [hunger-V-AF-INC] [or] [thirst-V-AF-INC]
If only there was no hunger or thirst

Sana’y hindi na gumagabi o umaaraw!
[If only] [there was no] [] [night-V-AF-INC] [or] [day-V-AF-INC]
If only the sun would never set!

Sana’y walang taginit, sana’y walang taglamig
[If only] [no] [summer], [if only] [no] [winter]
If only there was no summer or winter



This is probably one of my favorite OPM (original Philippine music) tracks. It’s grammatically simple, which makes it an excellent starting point for foreign learners of Tagalog. It’s extremely catchy, and the message is sweet as long as you don’t read too far into it.

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